I am a graphic designer and journalist at the University of Maryland’s Philip Merrill College of Journalism.

Shoot to Kill

Baltimore is among the most lethal cities in the United States. One in three people shot in Baltimore in 2015 was killed. I helped create a presentation, animation and series of infographics to accompany this important story by crime reporter Justin George.


Bridging the Divide

At a time when Maryland’s population is growing more diverse, the schools are becoming more segregated. This project examines local attempts to better integrate schools by race and class.



Sun Investigates team spent a year examining Baltimore’s court system for landlord-tenant disputes. Their findings supported the notion that Baltimore’s rent court system favors landlords in disputes with tenants, who are ofter poor and disadvantaged.


The 45-Minute Mystery of Freddie Gray’s Death

Published days before the unrest, this interactive explores the moments surrounding Gray’s arrest through photos, eyewitness video and groundbreaking investigative reporting.


50 Years of Merriweather

Over the past five decades, the Columbia venue has built its reputation through concerts that represented the zeitgeist of their times. We examine the legacy and future of Merriweather.


Best of Baltimore

Baltimore Magazine included me in their Best of Baltimore list for 2016 for a Facebook essay and accompanying OpEd I wrote about a 28-year-old homicide victim whom I had encountered in an odd circumstance 12 years earlier.


Editor and Publisher feature

The 45 Minute Mystery of Freddie Grey interactive earned us a spot in Editor and Publisher’s “10 Newspapers That Do It Right 2016: Finding Success with Audience, Digital and New Revenue Ideas”


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